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Why become a Best Steel Cabinet distributor in North America?

Because you have the POWER OF BEING DIFFERENT….
There is a reason why so many contractors, home builders and retailers are including the Best Steel Kitchen cabinets to their distribution line of fine quality kitchen cabinets. Simply because steel cabinets offer a differentiation that wood can’t match! As a RTA steel cabinet dealer, you will be bring your customers NEW options… everyone sell wood cabinets….
NOW you have the power to being different and we have many more NEW reasons and benefits of becoming a wholesaler of the ONLY RTA Steel cabinet dealer?



Receive Unbeatable Wholesale Pricing direct from our factory. Our pricing model is unbeatable and cannot be matched by any other wholesaler, retailer or importer.
The reason we can deliver steel cabinets to our dealers at such incredibly low prices is due to our minimum order quantity base structure.

What does this mean?
Simply, dealers associated with us are contractors, retailers or home builders who are willing to order and purchase 20’ (200-400 Pieces) or 40’ (600-700 Pieces) containers of cabinets in order to receive super low prices. It is due to volume of distribution that we can manufacture, produce and deliver cabinets at low profit margins and pass the savings to our dealers. We operate on a volume based structure in order to provide super low pricing to our network of dealers.

Quality Steel Cabinetry

We are the only leading Brand providing DIY Steel Kitchen cabinets and ready to assemble cabinets made of fines materials with the latest of technology. Our cabinets unlike wood; do not use any form of particle board or MDF material. Our Best Steel cabinets are environmentally friendly green and meet CARB II and E1 certification. We adhere to all state and national requirements for cabinetry.

Steel coils inside industrial shed.

Exclusive Manufacturing and Production

Due to our direct factory channels we can produce most door styles and color finishes. So, if you have a certain door style in mind you can send us a picture or live sample and we will let you know if we can produce it. In most cases our factories are able to accommodate.


We take care of the shipping to your Location

All cabinet delivery to your location is our responsibility. Just let us know where you want the container to be sent and we will keep you informed every step of the way until shipment is successfully delivered.


All Distribution Orders are Guaranteed, Safe and Secure

Make your order with the comfort of knowing that all production and manufacturing is under the guidance of on sight qualified inspectors. What this means is that we have inspectors in place within our factory to examining and check every step of the cabinet production, packaging and shipping process. We also guarantee you will receive all cabinets free of any major defects for 1 year. If major defects are discovered then replacement pieces will be sent out immediately.
So go ahead and pick up this first movers opportunity to become one of the very first Dealers of Best Steel Kitchens in North America.

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